Digital Gaussmeter/Teslameter/Magnetometer CYGM99A



The gaussmeter CYGM99A is a microprocessor-controlled handheld measuring instrument, which... more
Digital Gaussmeter/Teslameter/Magnetometer CYGM99A

The gaussmeter CYGM99A is a microprocessor-controlled handheld measuring instrument, which allows you to measure both DC and AC magnetic field strengths easily and with high accuracy. Thanks to different measuring ranges, various setting options and functions, a USB port for data communication with the computer, as well as the possibility to use batteries or adaptor for power supply, you can handle tasks such as quality controls and comparison measurements with the Gaussmeter CYGM99A quickly and easily.

 The high flexibility of application

The Gaussmeter is able to switch between measurements of AC and DC magnetic field strengths, and the measuring ranges of 0-50mT and 0-500mT, or 0-200mT and 0-2000mT, depending on the Hall probe used. Therefore, this instrument can be easily customized to your application area and requirements. During AC measurements, the display can switch between RMS and peak values, while the Gaussmeter provides a polarity indicator for DC measurements. 

Data communication with PC

Data communication between the Gaussmeter and PC can be realized via USB cable. Data processing is, thus, possible without costly data acquisition devices. In addition, with existing data communication, you can control it remotely, which considerably expands the scope of its application. Besides, LabVIEW-based software for remote control and data processing is available upon your request. 

Operation via batteries and power adapter

The Gaussmeter CYGM99A can be powered with both batteries and the standard 5VDC power adapter. Therefore, the measuring device is suitable for mobile outdoor applications as well as long-term measurements.

Transverse and axial magnetic field measurement

CYGM99A is sold in a set with one of four different Hall probes, which vary in their measurement range and ability to measure magnetic fields in the transverse or axial direction. Thus, by choosing the right probe, you can simplify the measurement conditions and complete your tasks with less stress. Besides, changing between Hall probes does not require new calibration of the Gaussmeter. Therefore, using several hall probes is flexible and uncomplicated. The standard Hall probes are available in our online shop Online-Shop. On request, we can also supply you with Hall probes with a customer-specific measuring range.


The Gaussmeter, including accessories, is delivered to you in a handy and high-quality plastic case, which allows safe and convenient storage and transportation of the instrument.The accessories included are:

  • 1x user manual
  • 1x test report 
  • 1x calibration certificates according to the measuring range
  • 3 x 1.5V AA Batteries (not included in case of air freight)
  • 2 x 0.9m USB-cable
  • 5VDC power adapter
Measuring range: 0-50mT, 0-200mT, 0-500mT , 0-2000mT
Magnetic Field: DC/AC field
Operating Temperature: +5°C ~ +50°C
Resolution: 0.1mT, 0.001mT, 0.01mT
Power Supply: 3 x 1.5V AA batteries, USB 5V
Accuracy: DC: ±1.0%, AC: ±2.0%
Dimensions: 190mm x 90mm x 33mm