Axial Hall Probe CYAP98


Measuring Range:

CYAP98A (Measuring Range: 0-50mT, 0-500mT),  CYAP98B (Measuring Range: 0-200mT,... more
Axial Hall Probe CYAP98

CYAP98A (Measuring Range: 0-50mT, 0-500mT), CYAP98B (Measuring Range: 0-200mT, 0-2000mT) and CYAP98C (Measuring Range: 0-300mT, 0-3000mT) are optimized for the use of the Gaussmeters CYGM99A, CYGM99B and CYGM99C. If you want to use the Hall Probe with other devices, machines or systems, please select "Custom Measuring Range" and specify, which measuring range you require.

Note: CYAP98 probes with custom measuring range have an output voltage of +2.5V±2VAC/DC.

General Information

The CYAP98 is an axial Hall probe, which can be used to measure DC/AC magnetic field strength of permanent magnet materials, electromagnets, motors, loudspeakers, magnetic sensors/ transducer, and other machines and instruments, etc.
It needs a power supply voltage of +5VDC to give an output voltage of 2.5VDC±2VAC/DC in different magnetic measuring ranges from 0- 50mT to 0-2000mT. The probe has high linearity of ±0.5% ~ ±1.0% and measuring accuracy of ±1.0% ~ ±2.0%.


  • The Hall probe gives an analog voltage output of 2.5VDC±2VAC/DC. It can be integrated into different measuring and controlling systems for magnetic field measurement.
  • The Hall probe is powered with a single voltage source +5VDC that can be provided in the most microprocessor controlled systems through USB Cable.
  • A low-cost measuring device, which is easy to operate and convenient to handle and store.
  • Ideal for quick quality checks and comparative measurements
Output Signal: +2.5 V ± 2 V AC/DC 
Magnetic Field: DC/AC field
Accuracy: DC: ±1.0%, AC: ±2.0%
Linearity: ±0.5% ~ ±1.0%
Operating Temperature: -25°C ~ +70°C
Measuring range: 0-50mT to 0-2000mT
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