Digital Gaussmeter/Teslameter/Magnetometer CYGM99C



The digital gaussmeter CYGM99C is the newest member of   our CYGM99 Gaussmeter... more
Digital Gaussmeter/Teslameter/Magnetometer CYGM99C

The digital gaussmeter CYGM99C is the newest member of  our CYGM99 Gaussmeter series with several new features. The gaussmeter has an embedded microprocessor and can measure the magnetic field density of permanent magnets, motors, or other instruments.
High accuracy allows this device to detect even insignificant changes of the magnetic field, while the new type of rechargeable battery ensures up to 11 hours of active usage of the instrument. Its new ability to communicate with external devices like PC via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, allows wireless data communication and significantly increases flexibility of application.

High flexibility of application
The gaussmeter shows polarity of magnetic fields in DC field measurement and reportsRMS and peak values in AC field measurements. You also can choose between units of Gs (Gauss) and mT (milliTesla) to adjust the instrument to specific measurement requirements. Six Hall probes variations with different  measuring ranges from 0-50mT to 0-3000mT allow you to optimize measurements according to the application fieldwithout the help of any external devices.

Data communication with PC
In addition to the built-in USB port, the new gaussmeter has the ability to communicate via Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, which makes wireless and local data communication as well as remote control of the gadget from PC possible. From now on, the remote use of the device is not restricted by cable length anymore. For this purpose, you require a LabVIEW-based software, which SONNECY delivers to you upon request.

Operation via battery or power adapter
Like its previous version, CYGM99C can be powered with both LiPo Battery (3.7V) with a charging time of 3 hours and a standard power adapter (5V DC), saving you time and ensuring longer operating time.

Transverse and axial hall probes
In set with the gaussmeter, you receive a standard Hall probe of your choice.  Additional standard probes, which measure axially and transversely and offer different measurement ranges, are sold separately, and can be ordered in our online shop. If you need a Hall probe with specific features or dimensions, SONNECY produces it according to your requirements. While operating with different Hall probes, you do not need to calibrate the instrument for each new probe. 

The Gaussmeter, including accessories, is delivered to you in a handy and high-quality case, which allows safe and convenient storage and transportation. The accessories included are:

  • 1x usersmanual
  • 1x test report
  • 1x calibration certificate according to the measuring range
  • 1x LiPo battery (not for air freight)
  • 1 x Hall probe of your choice
  • 2 x 0.9m USB-cable
  •  5VDC power adapter








Measuring range: 0-50mT, 0-200mT, 0-300mT, 0-500mT , 0-2000mT , 0-3000mT
Magnetic Field: DC/AC field
Operating Temperature: +5°C ~ +50°C
Resolution: 0.1mT, 0.001mT, 0.01mT
Power Supply: 1 x 3.7V LiPo battery, USB 5V
Accuracy: DC: ±1.0%, AC: ±2.0%
Dimensions: 190mm x 90mm x 33mm