Digital Gaussmeter/Teslameter/Magnetometer CYGM99B



The Gaussmeter CYGM99B is a newly launched and improved version of its predecessor - CYGM99A.... more
Digital Gaussmeter/Teslameter/Magnetometer CYGM99B

The Gaussmeter CYGM99B is a newly launched and improved version of its predecessor - CYGM99A. It is a digital gaussmeter that works according to the hall-effect principle and is designed to measure AC and DC magnetic field strengths with high resolution and accuracy.
This device is a microprocessor-controlled measuring instrument with a built-in USB port that makes data communication with a PC fast and uncomplicated. Due to its rechargeable battery and widened measuring range, the gaussmeter works more sustainable and can be adjusted to more application fields.

High flexibility of application

The new generation of CYGM99 has an extended measuring range which allows more flexibility in measuring tasks.It offers measuring ranges of 0-50mT and 0-500mT, 0-200mT and 0-2000mT as well as 0-300mT, and 0-3000mT. Furthermore, the gaussmeter can switch between RMS and peak values during AC measurement, while it offers polarity indicator during DC measurements.

Data communication with PC

The data communication process between CYGM99B and PC is carried out through the built-in USB-port and a USB cable, which goes in set with the gaussmeter and allows remote control of the device as well as external data processing using a software, which is available on request.

Operation via battery or power adapter

For greater convenience, CYGM99B has a new type of rechargeable battery LiPo (3.7V) which lasts up to 11 hours of active use. Moreovergaussmeter can be powered via a standard power adapter (5VDC).

Transverse and axial hall probes

We offer a wide wide assortment of hall probes for axial or transverse measurements with different measurement ranges. Apart from the hall probe included in the gaussmeter set, you can purchase additional hall probes separately.  For your convenience, switching to another hall probe does not require new calibration of the instrument. Additionally, SONNECY offers custom production of hall probes with specific measurement ranges.


The Gaussmeter, including accessories, is delivered to you in a handy and high-quality case, which allows safe and convenient storage and transportation. The accessories included are:
1x user’smanual
1x test report
1x calibration certificate according to the measuring range
1x LiPo battery (not for air freight)
1x Hall probe of your choice
2x 0.9m USB-cable
1x 5VDC power adapter

Measuring range: 0-50mT, 0-200mT, 0-300mT, 0-500mT , 0-2000mT , 0-3000mT
Magnetic Field: DC/AC field
Operating Temperature: +5°C ~ +50°C
Resolution: 0.1mT, 0.001mT, 0.01mT
Power Supply: 1 x 3.7V LiPo battery, USB 5V
Accuracy: DC: ±1.0%, AC: ±2.0%
Dimensions: 190mm x 90mm x 33mm