Hall Effect Gear Tooth Speed Sensors CYGTS288

Hall Effect Gear Tooth Speed Sensors CYGTS288

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Hall Effect gear tooth sensors CYGTS288 are applied to the non-contact speed measurement of... more
Hall Effect Gear Tooth Speed Sensors CYGTS288

Hall Effect gear tooth sensors CYGTS288 are applied to the non-contact speed measurement of rotational gears. The measuring range is 1-20000rpm and the output square-wave signal can be directly connected with TTL, CMOS electric circuits and general tachometers to constitute the tachometric measuring and control systems. The CYGTS288 sensors use the standard cylinder structure and have advantages of the waterproofing, dustproof, guards against the greasy dirt. They can reliably work in adverse circumstances, specially are suitable for industry control and military applications.

Measuring Principle

CYGTS288 gear tooth sensors use a magnetically biased Hall Effect integrated circuit to accurately sense rotational movement of ferrous metal gears. This specially designed integrated circuit with bias magnet is sealed in metal package for physical protection and cost effective installation. Thanks to the advanced Hall Effect measurement technology, these sensors can distinguish the addendum and tooth valley of the rotated gear and transform them to a square-wave output signal. Corresponding to a pair of addendum and tooth valley the sensor outputs a period of square-wave signal (namely conversion ratio K=1). The Hall Effect gear velocity sensors can be used to measure gears with a modulus ≥1mm. These Units function under power supply from 4.5VDC to 30VDC. Output is digital, current sinking (OC or RC). Reverse polarity protection is normally integrated. The sensor will not be damaged if power is inadvertently wired backwards.


  • Sensing ferrous metal targets 
  • Digital current sinking output (OC or RC) 
  • Good signal-to-noise ratio
  • Excellent low speed performance 
  • Output amplitude not dependent on RPM 
  • Reverse polarity protection and output short circuit protection


  • Camshaft and crankshaft speed and position 
  • Transmission speed 
  • Tachometers, counters 
  • Anti-skid/traction control
  • Sprocket speed 
  • Chain link conveyor speed/distance 
  • Stop motion detector 
  • High speed low cost proximity 
Diameter/Screw Size: M18x1mm, M12x1mm, M16x1mm
Frequency Bandwith: 1Hz ~ 20kHz
Length: L: 100 mm, L : 94 mm, L: 115 mm
Operating Temperature: -40°C ~ +125°C
Output type: NPN (OC), PNP (OC), NPN (RC), PNP (RC)
Power Supply: 4.5V ~ 30V DC
Rise/Fall time: 2µs / 2µs
Sensing gap/distance: typ. <3mm
Sensing Object : ferrous metal targets